construct this angle
some type of weapon

pick up the canvas
colors of mourning

silence the critics
excuse this failure

garden's beginning
checked out before them

disgrace your elders
reflex behind it

a likely portrait
poured out inside it

reread your scripture
too close for comfort

to distrust their faith
some name is calling

design without it
you never meant it

neither is neater
running to fade out

the tide outgoing
our name is legion

call in distraction
unsure of standing

come in and say when
relief that falters

time to decide it
going outside it

who are you meeting?

reject my input
upset by theory

subtend its lather
dissolve this one then

might take another
no septic abscess

mislead them freely
ripped out of context

why should i stop it?
recheck your numbers

i hardly mind it
quickly uncovered

elicit questions
absent on purpose

no reproduction
bewitch this convent

series unfolding
renege your promise

don't make a scandal
eaten and crumpled

lock up the madmen
fining them daily

slated for ruin
no plan illicit

excess reflection
urgency lacking

deride the future
viral recursion

trivial landscape
in isolation

word all you youngsters
the waxes waning

relearn your digits
absurd reduction

while at this juncture
create this structure

no revelation
nothing is hidden

that panic labile
degrade this facet

drown out the factors
excessive worry

uncouth in manner
unpack an office

try it you'll like it
gone almost wholly

no way of tracking
beneath your notice

assign no reasons
unlock the option

fucked from beginning
mistakes in framing

choose an adventure
confused by nature

already glowing
how is the feeling?

beside it wanting
done now or later

my time's completion
go out in comfort

one for the ages
regret to discover

explore this headspace
the sole survivor

remind some misfits
instead of hearing

my kind of penguin
gave up an asset

already ending
just like that face when

though naught was figured
extend some pleasure

undone inside it
hierarchy smiling

relying always
ascribe no motive

unhinge this concert
i tried to find it

cooking on feces
resigned to lesions

the thoughts too scattered
make out this mind to

the face of justice
hands down a forfeit

now kick the habit
inept and puerile

refine this mixture
recanted martyr

what is the meaning?
found in deletion

to match obscurely
genetic torpor

cloud of unknowing
sum of addition

police your concepts
run out of options

where does it stand now?
final erasure

falsely mistrusted
admire its function

smothered with pillows
repulsed and sobbing

for men and women
mumbled derision

fall like a sucker
cry out for succor

no small inducement
climb down your ladder

no attribution
untimely mission

acute discomfort
unbind my conscience

thy abreaction
soaked in the old ones

fatal emotion
sex unimportant

release the ones that
correct that posture

a bag to bury
no cave for shelter

made in the image
your fickle allies

beneath all notice
no time for bullshit

no one remembers
until it's over

no room for error
no destination

diminished stature
though unrecorded

no sort of access
catching a glimmer

already dropping
require all sources

reveal the murder
for them that knows us

searching outside it
subsist on insects

juggle the phrases
and in those cases

for more than pregnant
make for the headlands

add to the sequence
try it and say when

the title comes later
this homeless mansion

anodyne graying
when did it happen?

restrict that functor
potato mammon

no more enjoyment
deny all guesses

did it to float with
one or the other

refuse to listen
sedate your morals

no silver lining
try anamnesis

never forget it
the missing escort

our confrontation
spill it all over

whose fault is waiting
prevent its rupture

mix with the others
precise as lector

frequent pandora
to mind this notion

join like a linkage
below the mountains

derails a thought train
rejoice with them then

they quit this aeon
tumble down gently

adorn with fig leaf
three years till summer

suspend all judgments
watch your elation

alighting softly
sings like a chorus

reward with numbness
never rejected

misread the signals
hands up to winner

wake up a victim
risk all for nothing

increasing chances
inside a pig pen

try not to find it
recuse from judgment

suffering's making
kissed by an angel

untold it somehow
to jack at random

mating in hunger
needless destruction

your fear it's coming
diffuse and mention

burn down like carthage
so softly whispered

rhythm that makes it
exchanging utiles

since you're an addict
nothing worth saying

met with reprisal
picked up an illness

to fire this archon
so live less meekly

unlike all others
do all that's called for

cut out my lip id

calling for unction

yet partly vanished
wrap up a tin can

remark in passing
triads aligning

repent at leisure
a dash of saffron

in all those times that
set for eruption

high time you tried it
a choice selector

outside your brain box
form of deception

point out its problems
reading the gestures

perplexed you're nervous
no metanoia

undue by virtue
why is this here now?

refers encumbered
nothing that mattered

act like you mean it
such vacant knowledge

traverse its lumber
pipette this lipid

devoid of content
messed up the sentence

impose a surtax
something persisted

make up a racket
the name's important

no time to miss it
still far from certain

not your intention
return too humble

not ripe for eating
trip up your mind with

clinal solution
hard to escape from

to leave much quicker
reason's castration

vie for attention
renounce all measures

one more will make it
and recall the price

define its texture
a filthy reptile

unroll the paper
some of contrition

to find the time to
lay me down quickly

so in conclusion
message decoded

hang ten like wizard
you ran too slowly

under the big top
parceled out weekly

delight nor rather
which did not surface

give next to nothing
elide their curses

no way to tell them
keep up the end and

time for religion
this severed region

consigned as decent
lost all protection

for all those angstroms
try out a five kit

untie this knot-space
stained like a warning

a trace of sawdust

stare down a picture
erode like umber

to state it's urgent
fury descending

made-up inventions
undone agreement

there were one trillion
infinite regress

don't talk to strangers
oppose all increase

they all sipped lightly
come to the point then

include proviso
under the weather

retire the eldest
right after sunset

summoned by proxy
crying out loud then

concoct a party
olympic pathos

who was the vector
to crisp this burger

resume this project
call down our vengeance

absorb all contest
whose days are numbered

lost in abstraction
it's time for stopping

not right for sharing
it's mild by contrast

the front apparent
consume this surfeit

lack of awareness
divert or riot

chew up a packet
too soon to trust it

to lose is righteous
empty as promised

tear out its metric
like rotting pine-cones

collapse its pillars
minutest value

upend a system
parade no jumpsuit

in no way novel
expanding fierceness

no one can see it
about this instance

outside this part then
relieved no longer

with tar nor feather
crumb up the bedsheets

no child behind it
inured to labor

to there we've made it
they left without them

gain no extension
repose in slumber

routinely indexed
rescind the verdict

to mine this nation
relentless toiling

avoid its fence gate
hunt down the culprit

convicted arson
sadly deluded

benign by nature
draw up a blueprint

triage the patients
retreat like we did

pound out some notes then
only in pieces

sort out this traffic
pretend to enter

think not of dying
suspect you're losing

the syrup waxing
without compunction

opening recess
no room for stopping

ascend by lander
devour the liver

until its moment
painful dilution

a field that withered
yell out the order

don't mind the mess in
a putrid layer

abide like some did
erupting monthly

an ultimatum
go in right under

from out it's wonder
you lied upon it

undo their mind traps
denounce the leaders